Remembering When . . .

If you enjoy reminiscing about the past (and who doesn't), then this new photo-driven section may warrant your attention. From time-to-time, we'll turn the clock back and focus on one small facet of the railroad scene. These trips into yesterday are made possible thanks to the efforts of railfans who took the time to document the events on film.

First of the "Remember When . . . " series to appear is a look at the evolution of diesel-commuter power along "The Burlington Racetrack;" a link is provided. Other potential photo "studies" include:

  • The Burlington Racetrack
  • Kansas City Southern's White Ghosts
  • Fostoria's Iron Triangle: - 1st & 2nd Generation Diesels on Parade - (work-in-process)
  • California Zephyr - Diesels and "The Silver Lady" - (work-in-process)

Your thoughts and ideas are certainly welcomed. The Diesel Shop's contact information is at the bottom of this webpage.

(photo caption here)

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