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The Purpose Even though the website has evolved significantly in recent years, the purpose of the THE DIESEL SHOP remains two-fold. The first of which is a casual attempt to chronicle the history of first and second generation diesel-electric powered locomotives, particularly locomotives that once carried builder plates from such equipment manufacturers as the American Locomotive Co. (Alco), Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW), Fairbanks Morse & Company (FM), and Lime-Hamilton Corporation. The second is to be a tool that railfan photographers can use to readily identify individual locomotives and their heritage.
The Contributors In November 2018, The Diesel Shop will marks its 24th anniversary of cyber railroading; the on-going support has been terrific. To all of those people who have contributed roster data, locomotive histories, technical data, sighting information and / or photographic images, a sincere "Thank you" is in order.

There is also a small group of people who deserve special recognition for the countless hours they have dedicated to researching, compiling, and verifiying the data that comprises more than 500 web-based rosters, as well as finding photographic images. That very special group includes:

  • Michael Richmond
  • John Komanesky
  • Jean-Denis Bachand
  • Ed Weisensel
  • Bob Van Derveer

Thank You!!

Revised: 14 September 2018

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