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[AT U36B photo here]


Auto Train Corporation's new service between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL was only 5 months old when this picture was taken in April of 1972. Thirteen U36Bs, built to Seaboard Coast Line specifications (the host road), were the backbone of the carrier's daily operations. Note the Blomberg trucks. AT Corporation ceased operations in 1981, with the colorful U-boats being scrapped sometime before 1986. (R. Craig photograph)

[L&WV GE centercab photo here]

Lorain & West Virginia GE 100-Tonner

In this Summer 2001 photo by Dennis Lamont, we see GE's failed attempt at a 1000 hp centercab road switcher. Wearing GE serial number 13031, the four-axle shunter was one of only two such units produced by the Erie-based locomotive manufacturer. While the fate of the sister unit is unkown, GE 13031 is alive and well in Wellington, OH (R. Craig photograph)

[LV U23B  photo here]


Suddenly, it's 1974 and you are standing on the footbridge that overlooks the Lehigh Valley engine and shop facilities in Sayre, PA. Inspite of overcast skies, there is plenty down below to keep the photographer busy -- particularly for the roster shooter. With one exception (FM), models from all of the major builders are present. A lone set of new U23B's hold center stage; before the day's end, the trio will power one of the Valley's hot "Apollo" trains between Buffalo and Oak Island, NY. (R. Craig photograph)

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