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Data Sheet Information Compiled by: JEAN-DENIS BACHAND
New: 15 July 2007 Artwork by: Jean-Denis Bachand
Engine Builder: EMD Engine: 645E 16-cylinder
Bore & Stroke 9.02" X 10"
RPM (Maximum / Minimum) 900 / 316
Main Generator: GM - AR6 Horsepower: 2700
Gear Ratio: 62:15 Speed: 65 mph
Trucks: 6-Wheel Configuration: C-C
Traction Motor Blowers: Delco Electric Drive (4) Model: GM
Weight: 232,600 lbs Traction Motors: Six GM - D77
Tractive Effort (starting) 46,750,000 lbs @ 25% Tractive Effort (continuous): 43,120 lbs @ 12 mph
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes Dynamic Braking: Optional
Auxilary Generator: Delco A8102 Alternator: GM D18
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 24RL
Compressor: Gardner-Denver Model: WXO
Quantity Built: Not Available Dates: 1975 to Present
- -
Exterior Dimensions GT26CU
Distance between End Sills 64'-00"
Wheel Diameter 40"
Truck Wheel Base 11'-11"
Overall Height (overExhaust Stack Collar) 12'-05.65"
Width over Handrails 9'-03"
Distance between Bolster Centers 41'-00"
Distance from End Sill to Centerline of Bolster (cab end) 11'-00"
Distance from End Sill to Centerline of Bolster (hood end) 12'-00"
Minimum Turning Radious 24 degrees
- -
Fuel Oil: 1600 Lubricating Oil: 243
Engine Cooling Water: 295 Sand Capacity: 9 cu. ft.
Options: Vapor Clarkson Boiler #4625 (@ 2500 lbs./hr.)
Reference Sources:
  • Diesel Locomtoives, Vol.2, by Bob Hayden
  • Illustrated Treasury of GM Locomotives, by James W. Kerr
  • Diesel Locomotives, The First 50 Years by Louis A. Marre
  • "Early Diesel and Electric Locomotives," Rail Heritage Publications

Additional information from: Roberto Pirazzoli

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