Burlington Northern 2830
BN 2830 photo here
The EMD-built 2830, pictured here leading a southbound manifest through Essex, MT has been called a GP30M, GP30R, GP30u, and GP30 by a few. However in BN parlance, it is more accurately a GP39V. During the 1990s BN undertook a rebuilding program that included scores of GP30s and GP35s. The result was a fleet of 2300-hp, 4-axle freight motors equipped with "dash 2" control systems. In simplest terms, it was similar to stuffing a GP39-2 in the carbody of a jeep 30 or 35. A letter suffix denoted the rebuilder, i.e. "V" stood for VMV, "M" for Morrison-Knudsen, and "E" Electro-Motive/GM. The picture above was taken by Ron Thur on 19 October 1992.

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